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The 3.1 patch is going live in a few hours so before then I'd like to take a few minutes and explain a few changes which will help accomodate how the FC will handle the new content.

First off is the Diadem exploration missions. There is unlikely to be a need to reserve or schedule the airships. We will have 4 airships available for the exploration missions and each airship is locked out for 20 minutes after a group enters the Diadem. This means we can have ~32 people entering every 20 minutes. At most people will be waiting for around 20 minutes assuming they will be challenging the Hard version of the Diadem.

Keep in mind that the FC airships allow two advantages over the independent airships in Ishgard. The first is the ability to organise a full alliance and the second is the availability of the Hard mode monsters. If you do not need either feature and cannot wait for an airship to come back, consider using the Ishgard airships.

GHOST All Saints' Wake 2015

Joomanjii a posted Oct 28, 15  -  event

Makhan Kerensky Yes I do stick out too much
Sionnach Rua a I like this all very much!

GHOST Fashion Show!

Delzhand a posted Sep 1, 15

Free Company Ghost in the Linkshell is hosting its semi-annual Fashion Show this October. If you run dungeons 30 levels under your character for specific gear, if you've ever leveled a class to cap just because you like their outfits, or if you delight in finding the right combination of dyes to make your ensemble stand out from the Idyllshire crowds, this is your time to shine! Schedule your appointment with Jandelaine soon, he's sure to be booked beyond belief! Compete with other performers, models, and fashionistas for fantastic prizes, your time in the limelight, and most importantly, an evening of fun!

Learn more and sign up now!

Valarama Narama Playlist with all parts:
Valarama Narama Part 5:
Valarama Narama Part 4:

Heavensward is about to arrive, and with everyone probably wanting to level up as much as possible as quickly as possible, the FC buffs will be altered to assist. Until the release of Alexander (Normal), the FC buffs will be Battle XP + Reduced Rates and Battle XP + Gathering XP. Those two sets will be alternating until Week 3 of Heavensward. This means Battle XP will be active non-stop.

After Alexander is released, the FC buffs will move towards the usual four week rotation starting from week 1. The FC buff schedule will be changed slightly to spread out some of the buffs a bit more so there aren't any clumps aside from the weekend Battle XP set. The number of each buff hasn't changed, the order has just been rearranged slightly. However, a temporary change is that GC Seals will be replaced with Gathering XP for the first two weeks until Alexander (Hard) is released.

When Alexander (Hard) is released, the FC buff schedule will be without extra modifications. View the rest of the post for the new schedule.


Sionnach Rua a posted May 3, 15


Sionnach Rua a Just realized... Delph took the photo... so he was staring up lalafell skirts to see panties...